Joy of Music

Join me in the study of music! Learn keyboard, technique, reading music & chord charts, ear training, theory & history. Enrich your personal journey. I offer in-home private lessons.

Home Schooling

I am offering my services to parents wanting to home school music. From March-June, I tried to teach online music lessons, and found the experience sorely lacking. Music has always been taught with teacher and student sitting next to each other, playing together. Maybe I can help with theory and ear training on Zoom. But I prefer we meet in person, play, sing, clap, count, and have a quality lesson. I am unwilling to give up this deeply beautiful time-honoured tradition. Respect for the tradition is what I wish to pass along to my students. If I can’t teach properly, I won’t.

Professional Teacher

  • 9 years teaching piano & keyboard at a local music studio.
  • 9 years improvising music for ballet and contemporary dance.
  • Improvise in various styles, play by ear, & read music.
  • ARCT Certificate, History & Theory, 1st Class Honours w/ Distinction, 2020.
  • Experimental music composition; music theory publication.

Playing is Fun

If it isn’t fun, why bother? I have plenty of experience teaching ages 7 & up. I enjoy teaching talented self-motivated kids (i.e. those not being forced by parents). I am always scouting for young prodigies who are genuinely interested & may have started playing on their own.

Not Just Dots on a Page

Music is a language, not a visual art. If you’re an older student and have been taking piano lessons for years and are still stuck staring at a page reciting, it is not your fault! Come study with me and I’ll show you how to develop true musical freedom. Learn to play by ear. Strum chords and play songs you know and like. You will learn to interpret chord charts and improvise. Maybe even come to write your own music. Many of my students do! [link testimonials]

Advanced Topics

  • Modern experimental music & sound art.
  • Just Intonation Tuning Systems
  • Interactive music
  • New Musical Devices

I am always delighted to share my advanced research & interests in music with students who possess enough background & training to understand. You do not need to make strange music like I do, but I can help you learn to use the software to make the things you want. I use Max/MSP, Logic, MuseScore and other assorted software. In my electronic music course, basic mathematics is involved, programming via object patching, & working with digital audio. Tools every modern musician needs.

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