Audition and Interview

I always prefer to have a first meeting before we make any formal arrangements. I would like to hear you play. Get a sense of where you’re at, and what your goals are. I may accept recordings and videos. An interview can be done in person, by phone or online. All lessons however, are conducted in person. I do not charge for auditions. I am accepting a limited number of students this school year. It may be competitive.

Scheduling times: Mornings 10-12, Afternoon 1-3, Evenings 7-9


My current rate is higher than usual, sorry. 1 hour minimum, plus taxi or Uber transportation to and from your location. Please request an estimate by email. Safe private travel is essential to keep my social contacts to a minimum. For most students, 1 lesson every 2 weeks is sufficient. Willing to negotiate and offer discounts to families with more than 1 member taking lessons.

For home schooling parents, just ask me: I may be interested in tutoring in other subjects – maths & sciences, history & literature – in addition to music.

Risks & Safety

Lessons are in person. We will take precautions to reduce risk, but understand fully that some risks are worth taking. Wash your hands. Wipe down the surfaces. Stay home if not feeling well. I am not in support of masks, as they interfere with communication and learning. We’ll all be fine. We will talk, sing, count, clap, tap, touch, & play the same instrument. I do not accept the “new [non]normal“* as rational. I stand against fear and obsessive compulsive risk aversion. It used to be common sense, everyone knows that risk can be reduced but not eliminated.

Contact me with any questions you may have, or if you would like more information.

* Link is to an early algorithmic piece, Jan. 4 2013. Published well ahead of the times : D